Manage Car Repair Costs with a Vehicle Service Contract from Smart Choice USA

Vehicle Service Contract Frequently Asked Questions & Information

The entire idea behind a vehicle service contract is that you do not have to shoulder the burden of high car repair costs due to breakdowns and mechanical failure. After the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle expires, you may be wondering what to do to keep your car running without dealing with excessive car repair costs. The warranty was great while it lasted, but now is the time for a vehicle service contract.

At Smart Choice USA, we do more than just offer vehicle protection plans, we provide service and a commitment to your safety and satisfaction that goes above and beyond financial concerns. To learn more about our vehicle service contracts and how our plans can protect you from high car repair costs, see the frequently asked questions below or contact us online or by phone today.

FAQ’s About Our Vehicle Service Contracts and Car Repair Costs

Which car repair shops can I take my car to?
A Smart Choice USA vehicle service contract applies to any licensed car repair shop you choose. This means that you can take your vehicle to a mechanic you trust at any licensed repair shop near you.

How do I start a claim to cover my car repair costs?
If you need to file a claim for any covered repairs, it is easy. Simply bring your car to your favorite licensed mechanic and have him or her call American Auto Shield (AAS) directly at (800) 531-1925 with the diagnosis. An American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contract Specialist will take it from there.

In order to ensure that you are getting exactly the repair your car needs, American Auto Shield requires pre-authorization of all work completed under your vehicle service contract (except for emergency repairs completed after business hours or on holidays - refer to your contract for details).

How can I get a rental car?
Many repair shops provide rental cars. If not, visit your rental car retailer of choice and retain your receipt. After repairs are complete, submit your receipt to American Auto Shield for coverage. You must have an authorized and coverable claim to receive rental car reimbursement. Refer to your actual vehicle service contract for specific coverage, exclusions, limits, conditions, and terms.

How much of my car repair costs do you pay?
American Auto Shield bases their payments on nationally recognized databases for car repairs that include parts costs and labor time. AAS verifies all work with the mechanic and documents all of their financial decisions.

How long before the shop is paid for my car repair costs?
Once American Auto Shield receives the final repair invoice, they can usually issue payment within 30 minutes for covered repairs.

Do I need my service records for every claim?
American Auto Shield may ask for service records in the event of a claim. Not all claims will require maintenance records, but some do. For instance, American Auto Shield may ask for service records if a repair is for a maintenance related item or to confirm your mileage on your contract.

Is there a waiting period in my vehicle service contract?
Yes. American Auto Shield requires a 30 day and 1,000 mile waiting period from the time you create your contract before any repairs can be completed. The goal of this is to keep the service contracts competitively priced and prevent losses from cars with existing problems. Feel free to contact American Auto Shield about any concerns you may have during this waiting period.

What kind of parts does American Auto Shield use?
American Auto Shield aims to offer competitive vehicle service contracts, which means controlling repair costs when possible. AAS may source new, like new, remanufactured, or quality used parts to supplement mostly new parts for vehicle repairs. AAS approves labor costs based on the nationally recognized labor manual.

Customer Service Questions for Our Vehicle Service Contracts

Save on Car Repair Costs with a Vehicle Service Contract

How do I transfer my vehicle service contract?
American Auto Shield makes it easy to transfer any vehicle service contract. Simply fill out the transfer application and provide a copy of the bill of sale or title reflecting the transfer of ownership as well as the odometer reading at time of sale, transfer fee as stated in your contract, and all service records. AAS can only transfer vehicle service contracts to individuals looking to save money on their car repair costs, not to a dealer.

How do I change my address, name or phone number?
These changes must be made in writing. Simply submit your updated information and your existing vehicle service contract number to American Auto Shield by mail. Name changes must be accompanied by legal document explaining the name change such as a marriage license.

How do I cancel my vehicle service contract?
Although we are certain you’ll appreciate your contract’s coverage and benefits, you are able to cancel your coverage. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to American Auto Shield along with the vehicle service contract number, reason for cancellation, current odometer reading, customer signature and date. Please note that car repair costs cannot be covered once a cancellation has been received. Please refer to your contract for additional details regarding cancellation.

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