Optional Coverages for Our Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

While the powertrain certainly accounts for the largest percentage of car repair costs, many other components of a vehicle are not only expensive to repair but can be essential to its operation. Therefore, an extended vehicle protection plan from Smart Choice USA can be built with added features to offer greater protection. Call us today to learn more about optional features for our vehicle service contracts and to sign up for one of our extended vehicle protection plans.

Extended Vehicle Protection for Luxury Electronics

By adding the Luxury Electronics Package to any Smart Choice plan you add extended vehicle protection to the following specifically named factory installed parts:

  • Radio/GPS/Navigation Components
  • Integrated Radio/GPS
  • LCD Screens
  • DVD Players
  • Rearview/Back Up Cameras and Sensors
  • Voice Activation Systems
  • Standalone Seat Heaters not integrated in upholstery
  • Sunroof and Convertible Top motors

If added, coverage is limited to 1 replacement or 1 repair per component for the life of the extended vehicle protection contract. This coverage is limited to failures of the “base unit” and does not cover remote controls, hand held controls, wiring, game cartridges, headphones, DVD’s, MP3 Players, programming, or non-listed parts. Aftermarket components are specifically excluded from this coverage.

Extended Vehicle Protection Emissions Package

If you select and pay for the Emissions Package as shown on your contract declarations page your vehicle protection plan will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the following:

  • Air Fuel Ration Sensor/Oxygen Sensor
  • Air Pump
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Canister Purge Solenoid
  • EVAP Purge Canister
  • EVAP Leak Detection Pump and Valve
  • EVAP Vent Valve
  • Deceleration Valve
  • EGR Valve
  • EGR Solenoid
  • EGR Check Valve
  • DPFE Sensor
  • EGR Controller
  • EGR Diverter Valve
  • EGR Relay
  • Purge Valve
  • EGR Position Sensor
  • EGR Lines
  • EGR/EFE Thermal Vacuum Switch
  • EGR EFE Valve
  • Engine Oil Fill Cap
  • Fuel Fill Cap
  • Fuel Fill Neck Restrictor
  • Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Tank Vent Valve
  • Fuel Temperature Sensor
  • Idle Air Control Valve
  • Intake Air Resonator
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • MAP Sensor
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • PCV Sensor
  • Air Injection Control Valve
  • Air Injection Check Valve
  • Air Injection Pump
  • Air Injection Relay

Extended Vehicle Protection Market Labor Rate Option

If you add this additional coverage to your Smart Choice extended vehicle protection plan the maximum payable repair facility labor rate of one hundred dollars ($100) per hour shall not apply, and American Auto Shield will authorize repairs for covered Mechanical Breakdown or Failure based upon the Repair Facility’s posted labor rate. This gives you peace of mind knowing that even if the rate at your regular mechanic is higher than the national rate, you will not pay extra for car repair costs.

Call Smart Choice to Sign Up for An Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Today

With many add ons and multiple plan levels to choose from, our Smart Choice extended vehicle protection plans offer the peace of mind and protection that you want. We want to save you money, and keep you smiling which is why we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Call us today to learn more about our vehicle service contracts and to begin protecting your car right away.

Please note, that any add ons and features above must be selected, paid for, and shown on your Vehicle Service Contract Declarations Page in order to qualify for benefits.

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